Communicating authentically and building trust in a rapidly changing environment like COVID-19

Our latest White Paper, including detailed interviews with eight leading fund managers, outlines key recommendations on how to communicate through this time.

No news is not good news

Nothing tests the mettle of a management team like an earnings downgrade. But too often listed companies get into hot water for releasing too little rather than too much bad news. Though poor results can be a trial by fire for leadership, open communication with stakeholders is key to reclaiming support.

General Counsel need to take a broader view of cyber attacks

It’s time to take a deep breath and get real when it comes to cyber security.

Managing social media in a crisis

Crisis communications tactics for the digital age; every employee, customer and shareholder now has the tools at their disposal to light a social media fire under just about any organisation.

Don’t get caught with your (Cyber) pants down

If the CIA can get hacked so can your organisation. It’s time to get out of denial and be ready for the ‘when’ not ‘if’ of a cyber attack, yet most organisations are simply not ready.

Copping a shellacking on social media: what are your options?

The power of a well organised social media campaign to create real brand damage was superbly illustrated this week when the anti-Trump activist group GrabYourWalletaccelerated its social media campaign by targeting Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka’s fashion label.

Investing in China

What Australian retail investors really think – our latest White Paper

The rem report protest vote – shareholder self-immolation?

Tony Boyd’s excellent column today highlights some of the deep seated discontent among shareholders that is manifesting itself at this year’s AGM season.

IBM – when sorry seems to be the hardest word!

The media fallout from the highly publicised appearance by IBM at yesterday’s Senate Committee into the census night stuff up is a fascinating case study into how NOT to apologise.

Taking control of the narrative

How Chinese companies can attract Australian investors.

Communicating a restructuring: common blunders

The Harvard Business Review this week published an interesting excerpt from a new book on restructuring, outlining two of the biggest communication blunders that management teams often make.

The Corporate Plod on social media marketing for IPOs

ASICs observations on engagement with retail investors threw up some interesting findings, particularly around social media.