Practice Area

IPO Communications

Our IPO experience spans decades and encompasses every ASX sector.

Since establishing fowlstone in 1999 we have worked with more than 45 companies seeking to list on the Australian Securities Exchange including a range of dual track processes.

During an IPO we work closely with the client’s principals and financial adviser to agree the most effective positioning, including the focus of marketing efforts for the offer. We work to deliver the message and craft a consistent, compelling investment story to be communicated to investors and the media.

We also play a role in conjunction with the lead manager/underwriter in the development of presentations for investors and managing the rollout to the investment community. fowlstone supports the management team in the creative supervision of other suppliers to the IPO to ensure that key messages are consistently applied, and that all elements of interaction with the markets and financial audiences are coordinated in a timely and effective manner. This includes working closely with the design firm to ensure development of a compelling prospectus which reflects the “look and feel” of the offer, positioning the company for a successful listing and generating significant investor demand at an early stage.

In addition, fowlstone develops a comprehensive media relations strategy to ensure the investment opportunity is positioned at the forefront of investors’ minds during the offer.

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